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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

Other Categories

Here you will find photo categories relating to all sorts of dolls' house related subjects - basically anything that doesn't fit into the Makers gallery! Each photo category contains albums of photographs, posted by our members, of dolls' houses, dolls' house furnishings, dolls' house dolls, etc. relating to the subject of that category.

You are very welcome to post your own relevant photos. Please see our FAQS page for information about how to upload photos, add headings and captions, use the Photo Galleries, etc.

If you would like us to add a new photo category relating to a subject that is not currently listed, please contact us.

COPYRIGHT:  Please note that copyright for any photo belongs to the photographer. Please only add photos which you have taken yourself or for which you have permission from the copyright holder (the photographer). Where you are posting photos you did not take, the copyright information must be displayed, including the photographer's name and the source of the photo. Any photos which do not comply with these rules may be deleted by Admin.