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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

Issue 32 (March 2020)


Page 1 - Editorial by Rebecca Green
Page 2 - Crewkerne House by Elizabeth Jackson, photos by Terence Jackson
Page 6 - Schoenhut Neighbors by Florine Bettge
Page 7 - A Chronology of Dolls' House Furniture by Hermann Rülke, part 1: 1938 to circa 1950 by diePuppenstubensammlerin, edited by Rebecca Green
Page 8 - Decorating a Table by Pinch of Pepper
Page 9 - Refreshing Eastern Manor by David Brush
Page 10 - Dolls' Houses Past and Present Financial Update by Brooksey (Treasurer)