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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

Issue 31 (October 2019)


by DHP&P Admin: Rebecca, Brooksey, Zoe and Edel

In general, “special” issues of magazines and journals either celebrate an anniversary or are dedicated to a particular theme. Neither is the case for this very special issue, No. 31 of the Dolls’ Houses Past & Present magazine. Nonetheless, it is a very special issue indeed.

It has been over two years since the last issue of the magazine appeared. This was not due to a short supply of interesting articles or a lack of will on the part of the editor and the website’s administrative team. The old website was moribund and no longer supported by the site host. For many months it was practically impossible to upload albums or comment on other people’s pictures. There was still some lively communication between members through the forums, but major changes were urgently necessary. Site Administrator and Treasurer Brooksey Hardy took on the task of coordinating the efforts to raise enough money to engage a developer, by starting a fundraising page, selling donated goods online and at fairs, and managing the accounts. The sums needed seemed out of our reach at first, and without our members’ generosity and Brooksey’s commitment to the task, we would not have reached this point. In the first article in this issue, she recounts how our members helped to “rescue” Dolls’ Houses Past & Present through the creation of a new website with a new provider.

Brooksey has also spent hours loading the Lines and Tri-ang databases into the new website, so those valuable resources are already here for all of us to access. Thank you, Brooksey, for all your efforts!

However, this “rescue” not only involved the inventive fundraising and personal financial contributions of many members. It also called for someone to coordinate the Site Administrators’ wishes for the new site and their feedback on the gradual development of the site itself by Purple Creative Studios. Zoe Handy took on the gargantuan task of coordination and liaison for the “rebuild”. Without her, we would have had to wait much longer for the relaunched website and a new issue of the magazine.

Thus this celebratory Issue 31 of the Dolls’ Houses Past & Present magazine is dedicated to Zoe, in gratitude for her patience, clear-sightedness, meticulous expositions of the site development and her supreme generosity in giving so much of her time to the project. THANK YOU, ZOE!