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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

Issue 21 (June 2014)

From the Editor

Welcome to our 21stissue – we turned 5 years old in May! To celebrate, we have two giveaway prizes in this issue, generously donated by members.

The focus of this issue is more towards dolls and furnishings than dolls houses. We meet dolls from Germany, Sweden and Spain, and many who now make Texas their home, but originated in other states of the US or other countries (including Japan and Germany). (Florine asked me to say that I requested her article on cowboys, not that she submitted it for publication. I assured her that I would, but also said that I was sure that DHP&P members, who enjoy the antics of Greconville, Grecondale, Greconsfield and other doll villages, would love this story.)

We also meet several makers of the dolls and furnishings. Marcie and Bob Tubbs’ article is particularly illuminating about the relationships, both friendly and antagonistic, between makers of diecast plastic toys, so easily copied by reproducing the moulds.

I had planned to include an article on GeeBee dolls houses in this issue. Marion Osborne sent me some research carried out by a collector in Hull, the home of GeeBee, who had been able to speak with people who had worked for the company. I would very much like to include that research in the article, and Marion is attempting to contact her friend. I have also just discovered another potential source of information (the son of one of the GeeBee founders), so will follow that up too. Hopefully this article will be ready for the next issue of the magazine.

This issue does feature several roomboxes, one antique, and two beautifully crafted by a member. We also have the first in an occasional series of articles about dolls houses of a particular shape or architectural style, in this case chalets. I have discovered chalet dolls houses from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, England, Spain and the US. No doubt there are others – it has been a very popular style.

Our DIY articles focus on wall and floor surfaces – how to produce chequerboard flooring using staining, tips on ageing and weathering a shed, and making effective brick wall bases from cardboard.

I hope you’ll find lots to inspire you!

Rebecca smiley


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