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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

Issue 17 (June 2013)


Page 1 - Editor's Message by Rebecca Green
Page 3 - Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Food by Tracy Harnish
Page 5 - The Museum of Childhood, Wales by Jill Friendship
Page 6 - Kaybot Novelties and Kay Miniatures by Rebecca Green
Page 7 - Flower Windows by diepuppenstubensammlerin
Page 8 - The Art of the Dollhouse by Carol Morehead with Naomi Kamiya
Page 10 - How My Collection Started by Carol Boyett
Page 11 - My Wild Garden by Brenda Hodges
Page 12 - A Passion for Plates by Christine Hayward
Page 13 - Make It - Custom Fireplace for Dolly by Shanni Schafer
Page 14 - Art Deco Fireplace by Valerie Towers