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Issue 10 (August 2011)

Collecting Dolls Houses and Miniatures on a Budget: Making your own Slate Flagstones

by Claire Quick

It's always nice to try and buy the real deal for your dollshouse but after wanting Richard Stacey slate flooring for some of the rooms in my castle decided it was far too much money for what it was and made my own.

Claire's castle, by Anglesey Dolls Houses

Items needed:

  • Grey board (available from any art shops)
  • Various shades of grey acrylic
  • Stipple brush
  • Grout (preferably grey)
  • PVA
  • Very sharp craft knife
  • Piece of card or I use a piece of lining wallpaper
  • Sandpaper

Firstly cut out a template of the room with the piece of card or wallpaper. Then start cutting out your pieces of slate from the grey board. I cut out random size pieces to start and then cut out pieces to fit, using a sharp craft knife and ruler. Then I sand down the edges to give an uneven edge to them.

Once you have filled up your sheet of paper then check to see if the whole thing fits into the room, you need to do this before you start to grout. You will need to keep the whole thing flat after the grout stage, if you bend it you may break the grout.

Flagstone floor in the kitchen of Claire's castle

After cutting out the floor you can then start to add the paint. I had various dishes with all the different colour greys I was going to use. Use a stipple brush with small amounts of paint, start building up your colours until you achieve the colour that you think looks best. Once the paint is dry it needs to be given a coat of PVA. Once this is dry you can start to grout the flags. I used a cocktail stick, use very small amounts and with your finger spread along the crack, once all done wipe away any excess grout. It's very essential to PVA before you grout or you will wipe away paint. Once this is dry apply a second coat of PVA and voila, flagstone floors.

Flagstone floor in the dining hall of Claire's castle