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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

Wanted - items our members are looking for.

Members: Email your wish list (and photos - max 500kB, if possible) to

Disclaimer: please note that all ads are subject to the 'Buying and Selling via Free Ads on the Site' section of our Terms of Use.

Tri-ang 65 Dolls House Roof Wanted

Contact: Please private message member Casabella if you have one available

Added: 06 Aug 2020

Item Description

I am looking for a roof for a dolls house like the one in the photo.

Clare Guindi


Contact: Clare Guindi - details below.

Added: 13 Oct 2020

Item Description

1) a melon-footed Grecon boy doll

2) green Formica Dol-Toi kitchen items - like those in the photo - especially a table and stools. [Click on the photo to enlarge]

If you can help, members please contact Clare via Send message from her Profile page. Non-members please use Contact Us and the admin team will forward your message to Clare.

Sid Cooke Jubilee basement wanted


Added: 29 Sep 2020

Item Description

Member Anna Ratti is looking for an original basement for a Sid Cooke Jubilee house.

This house was originally sold in kit form in 2002, at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee. 

(The versions of this house and its basement currently sold by Maple Street in the UK are larger, and so aren't suitable).

If you can help, please contact Anna via Send message from her Profile page. It may be useful to know that Anna is in Italy.

Tri-ang & Spot On Furniture Wanted

Contact: Please private message BIFF 76 if you have anything available

Added: 05 Jul 2020

Item Description

New member BIFF 76 is looking for Tri-ang & Spot On furniture for her new Tri-ang 65 dolls house.

Triang Queen Anne front door


Contact: Wendy, via her Profile page (members). Non-members, please Contact Us, and we will pass your details on to Wendy

Added: 15 Apr 2020

Item Description

Wendy Clarke is looking for a double front door with complete with fanlight and step for her c1950 Triang Queen Anne house. 

German oak and velvet sitting room and/or dining room furniture


Contact: Cynthia Noakes, via her Profile page

Added: 12 Apr 2020

Item Description

German oak and velvet sitting room and/or dining room furniture for sale, 12th scale or thereabouts.

Triang 93 Stockbroker items

Contact: Please contact Dawn through her profile (link below)

Added: 06 Mar 2020

Item Description

Dawn is looking for green windows, a second chimney and steps for her Triang 93 Stockbroker. Please contact her through her profile.