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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

FAQs & "How To..." Topics

We hope that these guides will help make your participation in Dolls Houses Past and Present easier and more pleasant. We will add more topics, as they come in, but here to start with are several topics which members regularly ask about.

Please let us know if you have questions you'd like to see answered on this page.

DHP&P Team

Anyone may view our site but you must be a member and logged in to the site in order to leave comments. 

You may have logged in but not been active on the site for longer than an hour. After 60 minutes of complete inactivity your log in will time out, and you will need to log in again. "Actvity" includes scrolling down through pages and/or moving from one area of the site to another. If you have timed out, and you try to post, you may get a message telling you that you don't have permission to post in the Forum, or "An error has occurred" in other areas of the site. If you log out, then log in again, you should now be able to post. It may not look as though you are logged out - it will only become apparent when you try to post.

If you are a member and are logged in but are still having problems, please click these pink words to contact us.

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These "pink links" are shortcuts from one place to another relevant section or page within the site. Clicking on them will take you straight to that page or section, without you having to navigate around the site. 

Anyone may view the topics in the Forum but you must be a member and logged in to the site in order to leave comments.

Viewing Latest and Top Forum Topics

There are a couple of useful buttons at the top of the Forum page which allow you to view topics in different ways:

  • If you select the Latest button it will turn green and the Forum view will change to show the most recently updated Forum topics, in chronological order, with the most recently updated topic at the top.
  • If you select the Top button it will turn blue and the Forum view will change to show the Forum topics with the most comments in them, with the topic with the highest number of comments at the top.

Please note that if you are on the main Forum page, the topics selected for the Latest and Top views will relate to all topics from all of the Forum categories.

However, if you are in a Forum category, the Latest and Top views will relate only to the topics in that categery unless you then select the All button which will then change the view to include the relevant topics from all categories.  

You might have to play around with these buttons to get the hang of them - we certainly did!


The site's administrators are all volunteers with many commitments outside of Dolls' Houses Past & Present; consequently, we cannot offer 24-hour invigilation of the Forum. Posts are NOT moderated in advance - they upload in real time. Therefore:

  • we ask that posters are respectful of each other at all times.
  • we do not allow "trolling" or any form of abusive behaviour.
  • we do not allow the Forum to be used as a market place. Members may buy and sell elsewhere on site: please see the FAQ Can I sell or buy on site? 
  • commenting on any sellers' trading practices, or the prices asked or reached for items they are selling or have sold, is not allowed, wherever the seller's business is: shop, fairs or online. Such comments may have an adverse effect on those sellers' businesses. This could lead to legal action for defamation or libel and a claim for damages against the member making the comment, or the site's administrators.
  • we ask that posters of new topics use the relevant category for their subject. Each category carries a description of what it includes. Topics may be moved to a more appropriate category if posted in one less suited.
  • we do allow social chat between members on topics unrelated to the dolls' house world! Please open those conversations in the General Discussion. 

Posts which don't adhere to these rules may be edited or removed by the administrators. Depending on the severity of the transgression, offenders may be banned from posting, or have their membership suspended. If no administrators are logged in, and there are concerns about any post, please notify the administrators by contacting us. One or other of us will respond as soon as we can, but please be aware that, unavoidably, this may not be for several hours.


You can search the entire site by clicking on the search symbol [the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar at the top of the page] then typing in a key word or two related to what you're looking for, e.g. Grecon or Made by Us. Any item, including photos, which includes your key word(s) in its title or text content will be displayed in the search results - this includes Forum posts and comments to photos.

[Please note that you may find that the general site search is currently not functioning as well as it should. PCS, our site developers, are aware of this, and are working on the problem. We hope that a full search facility will be restored as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience]

The Photo Tagging system IS working. To look for images with a particular theme in the photo gallery, chose from the photo tags in Reveal Gallery Tags, which appears on the left of every page in the Photo Galleries. Open Reveal Gallery Tags by clicking on the + symbol on the right of the bar at the top. The Tags are in alphabetical order. Only photos which have been tagged will feature in the search.

Unfortunately, there isn't a really quick way to do this, but the process isn't difficult:

  1. You must be a member on this site in order to upload your photos here. If you haven't already done so, register here.
  2. Have a folder of your own ready on your device to save your photos into.
  3. Go to your own photos on the old site.
  4. Open one (fully, on its own page, not just the thumbnail) then either:
  5. Drag and drop the photo into your own folder on your desktop, or
  6. Right click on it and a pop-up menu should appear which includes an option to          CopyCopy your photo, then Paste it into your own folder. This method doesn't always work in some browsers. If it doesn't, try
  7.  Save image as... from the same pop-up menu. Save into your own folder.
  8.  Your photos should now be saved in your own folder on your device.

Now follow the instructions in the next FAQ below: How do I add my photos to the site?

 If you have difficulties copying from the old site, please contact us for help.

Adding (uploading) photos is very easy and can be done from either of the Photo Galleries (Makers or Other Categories) or from any Photo Category within the Photo Galleries.

Only members can upload photos - and members must be logged in to do it.

Adding an Album

First of all, decide where you want to put your photo/s:

  • If your photo relates to a maker (either known or unknown), then click on Makers in the Photo Galleries.
  • If your photo does not relate to a maker, then click on Other Categories.

Next, click on the Add Album button. An Add Album box will appear on the screen:

  • Select the relevant category for your photo from the drop-down list (this step will not be required if you are adding the photo from within a chosen category).
  • Give your album a title.
  • Add a short description of what your album will be about (optional).
  • Click on the Add Album button.
  • Click the Close button: your album will then appear on the screen.
Adding Photos

Now navigate to and open the album in which you wish to post your photos by clicking on it.

Next, click on the Upload button and an Upload image/Embed video box will appear on the screen (NB: you will only see the Upload button if you have opened the album by clicking on it.)

To upload photos:

  • Select the Upload image tab at the top of the box.
  • You can then either drag and drop your photo/s into the box or click on the Select File button to navigate to and select your photos from your device. Information on each your photos will appear in their own boxes within the Upload image/Embed video box. They may or may not contain tiny images of the photos.
  • Click on the Start Upload button and when the upload is complete you will see a "File(s) upload complete" message.
  • Click the Close button: your photo/s will then appear in the album.
Adding Titles, Captions and Tags to Photos

You can add a title, caption or tag to your photo by:

  • Selecting the Edit button - this is a pencil symbol either to the top right of your photo or directly above it (depending on the type of device you are using to view your photo).
  • An Edit box will appear: you can then insert a title for your photo in the Title box at the top, and a caption in the larger Description box underneath, as well any tags relating to the image which would aid anyone searching for the subject of your photo.
  • Tags are added by clicking in the Media tags box under the caption in Description.
  • For adding, editing or deleting tags, please see the separate FAQ: How do I add Tags to my photos? How are Tags edited or deleted?
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom of the Edit box [N.B. You may have to scroll down inside the Edit box to find the Save button].
  • Once added, a title, caption or tag can be amended/edited at any time using the Edit button.

Tags identify details within photos which greatly help when searching for images of particular items, particularly anything rare, unusual or of special interest which may not be included in a photo's title or caption. For example a photo of a furnished room may include a "Basset-Lowke rug" or a "Westacre chair", which can be be identified and retrieved by tagging.

To add tags:

  1. Open the photo to be tagged.
  2. Click on the Edit pencil - this will be either at the top right of your photo or directly above it, depending on the type of device you are using to view your photo.
    The Edit box will appear in which you can add new tags.
  3. Click on the Media tags box, the lowest of the three boxes on the page.
  4. Start to type keywords for your tag. Ideally, the tag should be limited to no more than three words.
  5. Tags can be the name of a maker or brand (e.g. GeeBee, Spot-On); a particular model (e.g. Lundby Stockholm, Triang No 60); a description (e.g. Bride, Dog, Sideboard, Antique); specific (e.g. Marianne) or generic (e.g. Triang). Multiple tags may be used to identify an item which falls in more than one category e.g. Brimtoy and Washing machine written as separate tags, or Brimtoy washing machine could be all one tag.
  6. As you type, if tags using letters in your keyword(s) are already in the Gallery tags list these will appear as predictive text below the Media box, preceded by Add... If a suggestion matches what you want, clicking on it will transfer it in a blue rectangle to the Media box.
  7.  If there isn't an existing tag using your keyword(s) (e.g. Bungalow) once your word is typed in full click Add Bungalow... to place your new blue tag in the Media box. 
  8. If there have been a number of suggestions by predictive text, the area under the Media box may have extended to cover the Save, Delete and Close buttons. Clicking on any white space in the margin will close this and reveal the obscured buttons.
  9. Once tags are in the Media box in blue, they can't be edited. If you want to change a tag, it has to be deleted, and a new one typed.
  10. To delete a tag, either place the cursor in front (to the right) of the tag to be deleted  then use Backspace, or highlight the section of text you wish to delete and use a Delete key or Ctrl plus X/Command plus X on your keyboard/keypad. DO NOT use the Delete button at the bottom of the Edit box - this is for clearing everything, including your photo! (There is a check on it so you won't lose everything if you click it accidentally).
  11. When you have finished adding or editing your tags, click on the Save button at the bottom of the Edit box [N.B. You may have to scroll down inside the Edit box to find the Save button, or uncover it as described in step 8 above]. You will then receive a "Changes saved" message.
  12. Click on the Close button to exit the Edit box. Your photo is now tagged, and any new tags you've created will have been added to the Gallery tags list, which appears on the left on every Photo Galleries page. If not in use, this is hidden to save space on the page, and be marked Reveal Gallery Tags. Clicking on it opens the alphabetical list of tags. Click the minus (-) sign on the right of the Gallery tags title bar after use to close it again.


If it is a "compendium" album - such as an "Identity Parade" go right ahead. If it is a more personal individual album, unless the owner has invited other members to contribute, as a courtesy please contact the owner of the album to get their permission first, .

The method is exactly as given in How do I add my photos to the site, with just one proviso:

Start by opening the album you want to add your photo to by going via 

Photo Galleries Makers or Other Categories (whichever of the two Categories the album is displayed in) > Album

If you open the album via Recent Photos, there won't be an Upload button for you to use.

Editing a Photo

You can easily edit the titles and/or captions on your photos at any time by:

  • Selecting the Edit pencil - this will be either at the top right of your photo or directly above it, depending on the type of device you are using to view your photo.
  • The Edit box will appear in which you can edit the title and/or caption or add new tags.
  • BE CAREFUL when deleting anything! Either use Backspace, or highlight the section of text you wish to delete and use a Delete key or Ctrl+X/Command+X. DO NOT use the Delete button at the bottom of the Edit box - this will delete everything, including your photo!
  • When you have finished editing, click on the Save button at the bottom of the Edit box [N.B. You may have to scroll down inside the Edit box to find the Save button]. You will then receive a "Changes saved" message.
  • Click on the Close button to exit the Edit box.

For adding, editing or deleting tags, please see the separate FAQ: How do I add Tags to my photos? How are Tags edited or deleted?

Editing an Album

  • Select the Edit pencil - this will be either at the top right of your album (the album must be closed) or directly above it, depending on the type of device you are using to view your photo.
  • An Edit Gallery box will appear [the system here refers to albums as galleries!] in which you can edit the title and description of your album.
  • When you have finished editing, click on the Save button at the bottom of the Edit box [N.B. You may have to scroll down inside the Edit box to find the Save button]. You will then receive a "Changes saved" message.
  • Click on the Close button to exit the Edit box.

Moving Photos around in Albums

You can do this by:

  • clicking on the Manage My Albums button at the top of th page when you are in any of the Photo Galleries. A Manage Galleries screen will appear [sorry, the system refers to Albums as Galleries!] and any albums you have created will appear in a list.
  • Selecting the relevant album from the Name column by clicking on the name of the album. The album a will open and the photos in that album will appear in a list. They will be ordered down the page in the order that they currently appear in the album.

You then have two options for moving the photos around:

  1. You can move the photos up or down the list using the blue up/down arrows to the right hand side of the page. Don't forget to click on the Save postions button at the bottom of the page when you have finished.
  2. You can change the order of your phtos by amending the position number which shows in the white box next to the blue up/down arrows. Don't forget to click on the Save postions button at the bottom of the page when you have finished.

When you have finished, click on the red Exit button at the top right and side of the screen to return to the Photo Galleries.

Deleting a Photo

  • Select the Edit pencil for the photo you wish to delete - this will be either at the top right of your photo or directly above it, depending on the type of device you are using to view your photo.
  • An Edit box will appear. Click on the Delete button at the bottom of this box [N.B. You may have to scroll down inside the Edit box to find the Delete button].
  • You will be asked "Are you sure you want to delete this media?" - click on the Delete button again and you will receive a "Deleted" message.
  • Click on the Close button to exit the Edit box.

Deleting an Album

You can only delete an album if it is empty - this is a deliberate precaution to prevent any of us from accidentally deleting an album full of photos!

So, to delete an album you must first delete the photos within it (see 'Deleting a Photo' above). When all of the photos in the album have been deleted:

  • Click on the Edit pencil at the top right-hand corner of the album (the album must be closed) and the Edit Gallery box will appear [at this stage in the process, the system refers to albums as galleries!] .
  • Click on the Delete Gallery button [N.B. You may have to scroll down inside the Edit Gallery box to find the Delete Gallery button]. You will then receive a "Gallery deleted" message.
  • Click on the Close button to exit the Edit Gallery box.

If your album has a lot of photos in it and it would be very time-consuming to delete all of them individually, please contact us as we can delete the album and its content for you. 

Within reason, photos are loaded to the site at their original size. This means that they can be viewed at full/actual size, and therefore in maximum detail, using the zoom facility in your browser.

The zoom facility is easily accessed by simultaneously selecting Ctrl and the + (plus) symbol on your keyboard to zoom out or Ctrl and the - (minus) symbol to zoom in (or Command +/- on Apple devices).

If you are viewing a photo in the "Lightbox" view (i.e. if you have clicked on the + symbol on the photo and are viewing it within a black background) then before you can use your browser's zoom facility you will first need to open the photo in a new tab by right clicking it and selecting that option.

When you open a photo in Recent Photos, you will see a dark pink button below it with the text: "View Album: [album name]". Click this to go to the album and see all of the photos in it.

Please Note: We have a temporary problem with the functionality in Recent Photos. You can navigate from there to an album but when you click to go to the next photos you will get the next photo in Recent Photos and not the album - obvioulsy this isn't what we want and it is scheduled to rectified asap. In the meantime, to look at the next photo in the album you can use the back button [<] in your browser to return to the album and then select the next photo from the album.

We're sorry, but this can't be done at present. It is planned, but that function is still being worked on. As soon as it's ready, there'll be an announcement on site, and a "How to..." on uploading videos will be added to these FAQs.

To add an avatar (small photo) to your Profile, click on either the avatar box or your username in your own View My Profile, which is found at the top left of every page except those in the magazines. This opens your personal Profile page, then click on Edit Profile at the top left. In Profile Image, on that page, click on Add Photo. It's best to use a small version of a photo - less than 50 kb or even smaller. So if you only have a large photo, resize it with whatever application you use for photos, before uploading it.

You can ask questions of, or make comments to, other members by:

  • Starting a new topic or contributing to an existing one in the discussion Forum.
  • Writing a comment under a photo uploaded by a member in the Photo Galleries. The member will receive an email notification that a new comment has been posted. 
  • Sending a private message. These may be sent to any member by clicking on Messages in your own View Your Profile which appears at the top left of every page, except in the magazines. This opens your personal Message Center page. Click on Compose New Message to open a message form. Start to type the username of the recipient in the Send To box. Suggested recipients will appear as you type. [You must use the username of your intended recipient, as it appears in their Profile, for these Messages]. Click on the avatar (photo) or username of your intended recipient to put it into the Send To box. Move down to the Subject box and type a very brief indication of what your message is about, then type Your Message in the next box down. When finished, click Send. Your message will be sent to the recipient, who will receive an email notification of the message sent on site. A notification will also appear in the recipient's Messages in their own View Your Profile.
  • NB: Do not reply to any messages you receive from the email notification of that message - the system will send your reply to all the admins not to the member who contacted you! To respond to that person, you must reply from your profile page's Messages.
  • Sending a private message to a Friend on site. Click on your Friends in your own View Your Profile, to access their cards. Use the envelope icon in the bottom right of the card to open your personal Message Center page, as above. You can then send a message in exactly the same way as to any other member, following the steps in the previous point. [Please see the separate FAQ on How do I make Friends on site]
  • you can contact members of the admin team individually through their own View Your Profile pages as above, or collectively by clicking on contact us

You can invite other members to be Friends with you. To do so:

  1. Click on Member Directory in your own View My Profile, which appears at the top left of every page on site, except those in the magazines. This opens to show all members currently registered on the site.
  2. Members' details are displayed on cards in the Member Directory. These are arranged in alphabetical order by the usernames members have registered. These are not necessarily the members' real names.
  3. Scroll through the list, loading more to the page if necessary, until you reach the card of the member you are looking for.
  4. Click on Add as Friend in the bottom left of the card. A Friend Request will be sent to the member selected. Add as Friend will change to Friend Request Pending on their card.
  5. The member to whom the Friend Request was sent will receive a Notification in their View My Profile box. Clicking on Notifications displays the Friend Request received with options to Accept or Dismiss your request by clicking on one or the other. If they accept, their card will appear in your Friends section in your own View My Profile box.
  6. If you receive a Friend Request from another member, that will show as a Notification in your own View My Profile. Accept or Dismiss the request as in step 5 above.
  7. You may discontinue friendship by clicking on Remove Friend on their card in your Friends section at any time.



Members may offer dolls' house-related items for sale for other members to buy. These items include houses, furniture, dolls and accessories; tools and materials for building or restoration; wallpapers and fabrics. This is not an exclusive list - less obvious items will be considered - but the adminstrators reserve the right to disallow the sale of items with no apparent relevance to dolls' houses, their contents or inhabitants.

There are two ways to advertise your items:

  1. Ads may be posted by members themselves in the For Sale - Free Ads album in Other Categories in the Photo Galleries. For convenience, For Sale - Free Ads is locked at the top of the Other Categories page.
  2. For Sale - Free Ads are for offered for a minimum period of one month per item. The full terms of use may be read here.
  3. Longer term ads should be posted in Items for Sale in For Sale/Wanted - see the menu in the banner across the top of the page. If you would like to advertise in this section, you will need to email the ad details to Please go to Items for Sale for further details.

Please note that all ads are subject to the rules in the 'Buying and Selling via Free Ads on the Site' section of our Terms of Use.

Only registered members may buy from ads on site.

As an organisation, Dolls' Houses Past and Present doesn't own, and, therefore, doesn't buy dolls' houses, itself. The dolls' houses featured on the site belong to individual members - of which there are over 1000, throughout the world. 

Dolls' Houses Past and Present is an international online collectors group, with members on every continent except Antarctica. The dolls' houses (and furnishings, dolls, accessories, etc) which appear in the Photo Galleries on the website do not belong to DHP&P as an organisation: they all belong to individual members. These could be located anywhere in the world.

Generally, if a member wishes to sell one of their dolls' houses, they will list it in For Sale - Free Ads, put it in Items For Sale or otherwise indicate that it is available to purchase. However, if you are particularly interested in buying or hiring a dolls' house (& etc) you have seen on the site, please send a message clearly identifying the dolls' house and the username of the member who owns it, to the site administrators through the Contact Us form. We would contact the member on your behalf, via one message, to express your interest, but we would then take no responsibility for any response, or lack of one, from the member concerned, nor for any transactions that may result from your enquiry.

We are sorry, but Dolls' Houses Past & Present cannot offer valuations. We are a group of enthusiasts and collectors scattered all over the world, and whilst each of us has a good idea of what we would be willing to pay, or have paid, for a house we wanted to own, we don't have sufficient expertise to suggest a sale price for your house, especially as it cannot be directly examined. It is impossible to assess value accurately from photographs.

What we suggest is that you look at what similar models have sold for recently on eBay or in salerooms (try looking at prices realised at the Many of us buy on eBay ourselves: it does give a fair indication of the state of the market at any one time. 

If you are unsure as to the make and model of your house, we do have a high level of expertise in identifying vintage dolls' houses, and can often date them fairly accurately as well. This we can do for you, and it will help you to find comparable models sold online. To do this, we shall need good clear photographs of the house, inside and out, showing every aspect and every room, plus details of any special features, even if these are damaged and/or fragmentary. These features include any wall- or floor papers, evidence of electrics, fireplaces, and makers' labels, .