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Dolls' Houses
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The G. & J. Lines Dolls’ Houses Database

This “database” is a photographic archive cataloguing the dolls’ houses manufactured by the English toy firm G. & J. Lines which was in business from the 1870s until 1931.

This database has been compiled as an aid to the identification and dating of G. & J. Lines’ dolls’ houses and to provide evidence of original details for restoration purposes, although it is far from being a complete record of all the models produced by the firm.

G. & J. Lines used various identifiers for their dolls’ houses: whilst these were mainly numbers (e.g. No 18, No 5) , a few were known by names as well as a number (“The Clock House”, No 34) and some by letters, which, for some years, slightly bizarrely, followed the abbreviation for “number” (No A). This somewhat awkward styling had altered by 1925 to a more conventional “Size A”.

Acknowledgements are due to Marion Osborne for her invaluable work in researching and cataloguing G, & J. Lines’ houses, and whose book “Lines and Tri-ang Dollshouses and Furniture 1900 - 1971” (undated, but c1980) which has been of great help when editing this database.

Using the database to identify and/or date a G. & J. Lines dolls’ house

Have a look through the photos in chronological order, looking for architectural features and interior layouts similar to those of the house you wish to identify. Dimensions (when known) are given in the database entries. Check these against the house being identified – there are a number of models of similar appearance but of differing sizes. Dating clues include details such as the style of the window frames, or fireplaces, or any original wall or floor papers.

There is not yet an example of every G. & J. Lines’ dolls’ house in the database, but new discoveries are added whenever they become available. New photos are always welcome to fill the gaps! If anyone can help, members can contact me via my profile page; non-members please use the form in Contact.

Databases Curator/Editor and Administrator