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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

Meet The Team

Dolls’ Houses Past & Present is co-ordinated and managed by a group of dedicated volunteers located around the world:


Administrator and Magazine Editor

Based in Australia

Rebecca began editing the DHP&P magazine in 2010 and became website owner and membership secretary in 2011.

Rebecca's dolls’ house collection started in her childhood, over 40 years ago, when her British grandmother designated two of her antique dolls’ houses as Rebecca’s. When they eventually reached Australia, Rebecca began cleaning and trying to identify the houses and furnishings, which led to buying more furnishings for those dolls’ houses, which in turn led to buying a vintage dolls’ house found locally, and then others from other parts of Australia and overseas. She now has 100+ dolls’ houses, dating from the mid 1800s to the 2010s, in which Australian-made houses figure strongly.

Rebecca has researched her family history for over 30 years, and the first issue of the Dolls’ Houses Past and Present magazine inspired her to use her research skills and sources to discover more about makers of dolls’ houses and furnishings. Since then, Rebecca has written many such articles for the magazine, which she continues to edit. She loves hearing about members’ interests in dolls’ houses and enjoys helping to craft articles for publication.

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Administrator and Treasurer

Based in the UK

A DHP&P member since 2012, Brooksey was invited to become an administrator two years later. In July 2018, she became the Treasurer, initially co-ordinating the fundraising effort to raise the money needed to create this new site, and she now manages the continuing fundraising required to cover further development and the recurring costs of maintenance and technical support.

A dolls’ house collector and miniaturist since 1991, Brooksey now has 20 houses (old, vintage and modern; factory-made, constructed to commercial plans and scratch-built), a 1:12 vignette created in a Croft sherry case, and a 1:12 church kit not yet built. The houses in her collection date from the early 1930s through to the modern kit, which was bought in 2017.

Since 2014, Brooksey has curated and edited the extensive DHP&P photographic archive, which includes the four “database” albums documenting G & J Lines, and Lines Bros’ Triang dolls’ houses. This work has brought Brooksey great pleasure - and a lot of knowledge! - and she feels privileged to have been able to do it.

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Based in Germany

Edel joined DHPP in April, 2015 and became an administrator in August, 2016.

She has loved dolls' houses since receiving her first (and for many years only) house for Christmas 1974 – a Gee Bee DH10C "collapsible" house. Dolls’ house furniture and inhabitants were hard to come by where she lived, so aged six she began to make her own furniture and dolls for that first house. Over the years, her skills improved, and she periodically remodelled the house, ditching older makes that no longer met her changing standards – something she very much regrets now.

As an adult, Edel has been able to add some old dolls’ houses, furnishings and dolls to her collection, as well as continuing to make houses and everything that goes in them. Although she is lucky enough to own a few lovely houses by well-known manufacturers, many of her favourite things are simple old home-made pieces.

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Based in the UK

A DHP&P member since March, 2013, Diane became an administrator in April, 2020.

Diane got her first dolls house when she was 5 years old and she still has it. It is a tiny 1/24th scale Toy Works house which she loved. When Diane got a bit older she wanted a 'proper' big dolls house but had to wait until she was 17 when she bought a 1/12th scale Dolls House Emporium Classical kit, building and decorating it herself. Diane found that there was only Victorian style furniture and accessories to buy in the 1980s and 90s so got a bit bored with her DHE house and put it away in the garage for 20 years, where it started to fall apart. 10 years ago, Diane decided to renovate and redecorate the Classical house, adding working lights, for her daughter, who was then about 8 years old. Diane was amazed at all the modern style furniture and accessories which had become available since the house had been put away. It got her hooked on dolls houses all over again. 

Since then she has built and restored many dolls houses, at one time having over 30, but she had to reduce this number as she ran out of space to display them all. She now has six large 1/12th scale kit houses, 10 vintage houses and 4 antique houses. She also now collects other vintage and antique toys and her dream is to have her own toy museum one day.