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Dolls' Houses
Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories.

A very special welcome to the new Dolls’ House Past & Present website!

Your new website has arrived!

Dolls’ Houses Past & Present is a knowledgeable and friendly site for all lovers of dolls’ houses, their associated miniatures, and dolls’ house dolls, whether old, new or somewhere in between!

For those of you who are members on the old site, or who were regular visitors there, this site should feel familiar enough for you to feel at home, but different enough to feel like a fresh start.

As with any new website, there may be glitches/snags which, despite weeks of testing, will only become apparent with "real" use. If you come across anything which isn't working properly, please first check the Forum topic Snags and glitches on the new site to see if your problem has been reported already. If it isn't there, then please Contact Us and report it, so we can get it fixed.

Please make yourself comfortable and sample what we have to offer. Much of the site is open access and may be viewed by guests, including our online magazine, but only members can post in the Forums, upload photos, or list/buy items for sale. Unfortunately, there was no mechanism by which we could transfer the memberships from the old site to the new, so all members registered on the former site who would like to be active here on the new one will have to re-register. You can do that here.

Please do visit the topic Welcome to the new Dolls' Houses Past & Present website! in the Forum category General Discussion for more information on what you can expect from your new site in its first few months. You may find that questions you have about using the site have been answered there, or, if not, try looking in the FAQs

If you love dolls’ houses as much as we do, please come and join us! This is a non-profit-making website and there is no charge to become a member.

There are regular costs incurred in running the site, though. lf you would like to contribute towards these costs you can do so here: 


[Any text highlighted in "DHP&P pink" above (or anywhere else on the site) is a shortcut to a relevant section or page within the site. Clicking on a "pink link" will take you straight to that section or page, without you having to navigate around the site]

Want to help?

We're always looking for articles, features and photographs for the magazine. This is an opportunity for you to share information and photos of your dolls' houses and/or items from your collection. Your knowledge could inspire newcomers to the hobby.

Also, if you encounter any dead links or typos we'd love to know.